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Block #1
1. Introduction. Design thinking
2. Who uses LegalDesign?
3. LegalDesign in contractual work
4. Document analysis
5. How to design a contact
6. Design instruction
7. Webinar by lawyer and designer
8. Final lecture
The basics of design thinking and methods of using it in legal work
Block #2
1. Introduction in LegalDesign
2. Why use LegalDesign in procedural documents
3. Webinar on document analysis
4. How to design a procedural document
5. Design instruction
6. Webinar by lawyer and designer
7. Final lecture
Basic skills of LegalDesign and tools for design procedural documents
Block #3
1. LegalDesign in internal documents
2. Algorithmes of preparing internal documents
3. Document analysis
4. How to design internal documents
5. Webinar by lawyer and design
6. Final lecture
Methods of working with internal documents
Block #4
1. LegalDesign in digital-documents
2. Webinar on digital-documents
3. Document analysis
4. How to design digital-documents
5. Webinar by lawyer and design
6. Technical instruments of working with digital-documents
7. Final lecture
Peculiarities of working with digital-documents
Block #5
1. What are LegalOps
2. How to build effective legal function
3. Case-study. Webinar
4. Document analysis with invited expert
5. Optimization of legal structure
6. Final lecture
LegalOps: building an effective legal function
Block #6
1. How to manage legal organization
2. Increase the efficiency of legal function
3. Legal marketing
4. Webinar
The basics of legal management
Block #7
1. LegalTech: innovative decisions in law infrastructure
2. Knowledge base for legal function
3. Risk management
4. LegalTech market in the world
5. Final lecture
LegalTech: innovative decisions in law infrastructure
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