According to the SHRM’s study, US companies lose $ 62.4 million per year on average due to miscommunication within the organization. In particular, unclear documents cause concerns. Workers address questions to in-house lawyers which takes extra time.

Legal design approach improves inner communication. Many large and famous companies experienced the positive impact of legal design. It is used in such huge and complex companies as Shell, Airbus, Renault. The legal design tools help these companies to create a user-friendly environment that engages the workers into the inner communication and tells about the values of the company.

Inconvenient documents reduce the employees' productivity and chances to manage the project. The results of the ‘Effective Organizational Communication: a Key to Employee Motivation and Performance' study demonstrate that trust and motivation among staff is increased via crucial suitable documents.

Pictures, even comics, are also a useful tool. The common situation is presented as a short story that is easier to accept than a long text. A good example is the comics by Creative Contracts as an abroading content for newly-appointed workers. The time for training was reduced from 4 hours to 40 minutes. Another example of legal design in onboarding is the case of the Aurecon, australian company, employment contracts. These documents represent the parties as simple characters speaking plain language.

Hence, the tools of legal design provide the opportunity to build the legal communication in the company. Correct and appropriate documents can be a boost for your business.

Benefits of Legal Design in the internal communication

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